Guzzler, Guzzler, 2016

guzzlerLet me see, French label Bad Reputation, Aussie band with the name Guzzler, cover with a nice lady holding a smoke at a gas pump… Something tells me we will be heading into hard rock territory here, and at that one firmly influenced by the big names from that continent far away.

And yes, just look at the song titles here: The Drinks Are On Me, Pub Crawl, Kiss Me Kill Me, Orgasm In A, Rock ‘n Roll, and so on. Promoted as the quintessential pub rock band, this 4 piece has a clear view of what it wants to be and how they want to sound. This is feet stomping, in your face, loud music to serve as the perfect back drop for any party. Core of the band are guitarist Matt Reaby and drummer Steve Blood. On this second round for the band the latter brought his son Haydz for the bass parts and they found singer James Davies whose pipes show some similarities to those of The Cult front man Ian Astbury.

So, even when there are no surprises, the band clearly enjoy what they are doing and they do it with style and a natural swagger. It rocks, it kicks ass, it gets the job done.