Han, Lawless Local Heroes, 2015

han - lawless local heroesWith TumbleTown Han (Uil) has been featured here before. Yet with a past in progressive bands like Seven Day Hunt and Antares, this is a step aside, into more (classic) rock territory as by the likes of Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Neil Young or Bob Dylan. This album sees him singing and playing guitar and harmonica and help came from Sander Zoer (drums), Erik Laan (keyboards), Esther Ladiges (backing vocals) and Aldo Adema (guitars).

Opening the album is What To Do, which is a strong track, good melodies and playing. Third track Stay Tonight shows a bit of his prog roots, because of the way it is arranged, especially in the keyboards. In song The Two Of Us the vocals of Esther create a duet feel and this song is also spiced up with a bit of prog playing. Great clean guitar solo as well.
I suspect the vocals of Han will not please everybody. Especially in the higher parts he sounds a bit thin. On a whole I think he manages. The album sounds well produced, balanced and the songs are varied and well put together. I am especially fond of the guitar playing. It is tasty and always manages to highlight a song without becoming showing off.

So Han can be proud of another achievement, you should check this out!