Happy New Year!

happy new year 2017

Happy New Year folks and thanks for visiting the blog and keep reading the stuff I write.

2016 has been strange. We lost a lot of great musicians, and many of you will also have lost someone dear. And since a lot of the famous are reaching into their sixties and seventies, we probably will have not seen the last of it either, sadly.

A lot of people still think that stealing music is okay. Which is a criminal injustice to all the hard working ladies and gents trying to create beautiful art and invest heavily into gear, practise, recording, artwork, etc. If you care about it, please buy the music you love and support your favourites.

On the upside: the blog has seen over 90 posts last year and is a few shy of hitting 1000 articles. Visits have passed 3.5 million. Never could have imagined these numbers when I first started this in April 2010. If you enjoy it, you are welcome to make a little donation to my work (see the button on the top left). No matter how great or small, all is welcome and helps me keep this free and bring you new (and sometimes old) musical discoveries.

That is it for now, on to more music. Best wishes, keep safe!