Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Nostalgia For Infinity, 2020

hats off gentlemen - nostalgia for infinityProbably the band with the longest name in the world, and sadly one I do not know anything about. They sent me the album but did not include any info with it. And I am still too lazy to search the internet… Oh well, on to the music then!

Since I have been playing this album for a couple of weeks now, I can tell you that I like the music on this album very much. The band thrive on a base of modern progressive rock, often referred to as neo-prog. But excel at adding various flavours to the mix. Think electronica or folky flute. And they also work with dynamics very well. The music is playful and melodic and concentrates on the song, rather that technical ability.  So the 13 tracks and over 73 minutes of music still sound fresh after a couple of weeks of listening.
My small point of criticism would be the vocals. They might prove to be a bit of an acquired taste. However, over time they started to gel well with the music so they get the job done.

All in all I can recommend this album to prog lovers big and small. Its adventurous nature will keep you entertained for many hours.