Heart, Strange Euphoria, 2012

Heart - strange euphoriaQuite sure many of you are familiar with sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson and their success vehicle that is Heart. A career of nearly 40 years, over 35 million records sold, nominees for the Rock ´n Roll Hall of Fame, numerous hits and as a logical result, besides 13 albums, several greatest hits albums.

Well this box set is way beyond that. With a lavish booklet, 3 CD´s and a DVD, 21 previously unreleased versions with some unreleased songs as well, all fans are in for a real treat here. Many well known songs are presented here in an early demo form. Just so we can figure out how they have changed. I just started listening to CD one, and already I am amazed. Even in bare form with vocal and acoustic guitar, Heart impress. And the live tracks prove they are real, something I already knew from before (from DVD, alas I never experienced them live).
The DVD is a 10 song live representation of the band in 1976, so quite the time warp.

So if you, like me, are quite fond of Heart, totally dig the amazing vocal capabilities, the rocking tunes, the Led Zeppelin vibes of The Lovemongers (another reincarnation of the sisters), want to hear how songs develop into hits, or are just plain curious, this is going to prove great value for money. Pick it up!
Oh before I forget, new album Fanatic is released as well…