Heavenly, Virus, 2007

Heavenly - VirusIn the crowded Heavy Metal scene it is tough for any band to really stick out. Part because the hard core fans donĀ“t want their favourites to get too creative.
So a band has to keep in mind what their fans want. And yet, sometimes they will feel the need to explore a little bit. If a band succeeds in bringing in other elements while still staying true to the desired format, that can be seen as an achievement in itself. And I think that is what can be said about some songs on this album.

For the most part Heavenly play songs with the usual trademarks of the genre. They play them with panache and attitude, so the songs stick and really hit home. What for people like me is a bonus, is that they obviously have enough confidence to throw in some new things. Like the title track, where metal is combined with dance like drums, giving it a little industrial feel and especially the Gothic choirs which really add spookiness to the song. Other elements are neo-classical instrumental parts and orchestrations.
To conclude, an album that will appeal not only to style addicts, but can attract others as well. Great job!