Hellbros, Self Titled, 2015

hellbrosHellbros are a Canadian band around brothers Peter (vocals, guitar) and Christian (guitar) Jurt. Together with childhood friends Josh Roy (drums, vocals) and Mat Colins (bass,vocals), the quartet have released their second full length effort on French label Bad Reputation, and that gives away straight as to what we can expect. That is in your face hard rock with attitude, for those unfamiliar with the label.

And the band fit that description as if the tag was written for them. On a foundation of extensive touring and a fan voted best hard rock album of the year for their 2012 independent debut Goodtime Machine, Hellbros lay down 11 tracks of energetic songs that kick ass. Heavy licks, gang vocals, thunderous drums and bass, and yet, with adding a few twists here and there, mixing enough brains in to keep things fresh and avoiding the all too obvious. Just take a listen to tracks like Father Time and Hate and you will know what I mean. Still if anything, this band come to rock and to party and take the roof off. No wonder their reputation is that of an unpredictable and insanely entertaining live band. So watch out, as they have set their sights on Europe and the US now and will hit the road to expand their fan base even further!