Hellfueled, Volume One, 2004

Hellfueled - Volume OneHurray, Ozzy is dead, long live Hellfueled! … Yeah, I just couldn´t resist opening with this line.
And it is true, never has anyone sounded more like Ozzy in his prime, than Hellfueled singer Andy Alkman. And with a guitar player beside him (Jocke Lundgren) to which the tricks of Zakk Wylde have no mystery, this band sounds more like Ozzy than the man himself. And you know what, I don´t care about that!

Because this is a monster of an album. It kicks major ass, it sounds inspired, it rocks, it squeaks, it´s firing on at least 12 cylinders. Man, what a drive and passion. No lallagagging, just going straight to business. And with the intent this has, business must be good.
Okay, no unique or original sound maybe, but so damn good, I love this record. Headbanging from the first to the last second, this is impossible to resist. Just hit play and enjoy the ride!