Helloween, Unarmed, 2010

helloween - unarmedDespite a policy of not discussing Live or Best Of albums, in this case I want to make an exception. In previous posts I already stated that many metal heads are pretty peculiar about their favourite music and fave bands. And a lot of them think bands should obey to certain rules. So it is of little wonder that this “compilation” of Helloween has been met with great criticism when it was released. And you know what: that is a huge mistake!

Like the cover already hints at: Unarmed is a special kind of compilation. The boys have chosen 11 songs from their back catalogue and gave them an unique treatment. Accompanied by instruments like piano, violins, cello’s, horns and so on, they recreated their magical moments. And in all honesty, without knowing their whole output, I think this is a brilliant effort! These songs really live in these arrangements and make me keep hitting the play button. I find this CD a testament of stunning beauty. The feeling this gives me is awesome. High praise to Helloween for having the guts and quality to pull this off. So I can only recommend you give this an unbiased listen and predict you too will be touched by it’s sheer brilliance.