Highest Dream, Far Away From Here, 2009

highest dream - far away from hereFirst thing I noticed about this melodic rock band is that they are able to steer away from the ever so predictable path of melodic song writing and dare to add different types of musical interludes (keyboard and or guitar solos, instrumental breaks, and so on) in their songs. Compliments! Well actually this is hardly a band. Just a singer (Riq Ferris) and a multi instrumentalist (Leo Mendes) with some help here and there.

That said, I think there is room for improvement also. The production would benefit from a more beefier sound I believe. Despite all the great playing, the overall perception is a little light. But maybe that was just the intention?

If melodic rock is your thing, you will surely enjoy this record. It´s got the hooks, it´s got the songs, and the eighties sound. And enough ideas to keep it interesting for the more critical listener.

Personal play tips: Restless Dreamer, Far Away From Here, All I Want.