Holly Montgomery, Leaving Eden, 2016

Holly Montgomery - Leaving EdenSometimes it is hard to fathom how the music business works. Take for example this independent album from singer, bass player (and yes, that is a 5 string!) and even piano player Holly Montgomery. Compare this to for instance one Sheryl Crow and tell me there is justice in the world… Anyway, Holly probably is more concerned about getting the music out there and make a living playing live, then chase A&R guys in suit and tie. So let’s take a look at the album itself.

Moods between the songs range from pop rock in songs like Drunk On The Power and Waterworks, to psychedelic groovy in Go Mellow, a bit of balladry in Beyond The Veil (beautiful moody song!), and a tad of Country in Don’t Want To Fall. Still the best songs are not even mentioned yet! Because for me that are Jump The Gun, the stunning title track and the funny tongue in cheek of Morning Glory.
Listening to this it becomes clear that Holly likes lyrics with substance and overall her performance is very authentic, pure and honest.  This is someone who lives and breathes her music.

And don’t be afraid of all the genres mentioned, the band and Holly keep it all together and the whole of the album flows from start to finish and leaves you wanting more. Excellent stuff, get it!