Hotcakes, Excess All Areas, 2013

hotcakes - excess all areasLooking at the band name, the album title and the cover, I am sure a lot of you will have quite a clue as to what to expect from this CD. Rock with attitude and born to party, right? And while that is surely true for songs like the driving opening trio of Rockin´In The Afternoon, Cut To The Chase and Fire And Ice, I was surprised to find out there is more to this band than it seemed at first.

Track number 4, The Witching Hour, for instance sounds heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, but maybe even goes beyond that with the magnificent arrangement of the vocals. Gives the song a grandeur seldom heard! But ticks all the dual lead guitar, riffing and other typical boxes. Stunning track. The ballad If Only these Arms Could Hold You does the job and does it well. Frankly gives Bon Jovi a run for their  money… Other tracks reminded me a bit of the swagger of The Darkness, but that style suits this band just fine.

So part as predicted and partly better than that, so overall a very pleasant introduction to this Australian band! Alas no band website as yet, but they are on Facebook and MySpace, so go check them out!