House Of Heroes, Suburba, 2010

house of heroes - suburbaIn case you ever wondered how a mix of Kansas, Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Anberlin, The Knack, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park and some others would sound? Nah probably not. Yet those were some of the names that popped in my head when listening to this album. And before you start to think that this must be a very patched affair, held together by ideas from those bands, you are wrong!

In fact, this CD sounds very cohesive, despite all those influences. Opening with the impressive Relentless (just love the middle section with the added violin), an uplifting catchy track if any. Next is Elevator, with a big punchy bass-line, catchy harmony vocals and an ideal single. Love Is For The Middle Class is another catchy song. And a good thing is that the band manage to sound easy on the ears, yet incorporate clever arrangements to make all their ideas fit. Besides the already mentioned violin and other vintage sounds, there are more contributions that make this stand out, and a female backing group in God Save The Foolish Kings, is just one of them.

So although I don´t know anything about the band (I was pointed to them by the great guys from Music Worth Buying) it is clear to me that this is a very convincing rock album that will attract many that like any of the names mentioned. Very good!