House Of Lords, Cartesian Dreams, 2009

house of lords - cartesian dreamsEver since singer James Christian reignited House Of Lords, the guys have really been on a roll. And though I am not totally sure about this (and too lazy to look it up), I do believe the current line up with Jimi Bell on guitars, BJ Zampa on drums and Chris McCarvill on bass is the most persistent one.

Style wise they stick to the music that got them a record contract in the heyday. And that is just fine with me as I really like this big pompous style of hard rock. Christian himself is handling keyboards now, and while not being the wizard former sidekick Greg Giuffria obviously is, he still adds nice colours to the songs. And having his wife Robin Beck helping out on backing vocals does not hurt either. Speaking of Christian, recording in his studio, producing, mixing (with help from Dennis Ward) writing (with help), the man is a giant!

The music is what we have come to expect and like I said before, I really dig this stuff. So maybe little surprises, but you get the quality this music deserves and your expectations are met on the song department. So just lick it up and enjoy it to the fullest. I am a happy guy and will keep on buying this stuff as long as they operate on this level.


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