House Of Lords, Precious Metal, 2014

house of lords - precious metalEver since the beginning, camp House Of Lords has never been a quiet one. Still, the last couple of releases has seen the same team of core member James Christian (vocals), Jimi Bell (guitars), B.J. Zampa (drums) and Chris McCarvill (bass), and it is really paying off! Because, to these ears Precious Metal is easy one of the best albums House Of Lords have delivered so far. You will find a couple of those on these pages.

And while on the first incarnation the keyboards were equally as important as the guitars, nowadays it is the guitar that dominates the sound. Besides the mighty tones of Christian of course. Yet that still leads us to the melodic rock sound of all that is to love about the band. Maybe it is because they manage to (still or again, depending on your point of view) sound fresh and energetic on this disk that makes it so appealing. With the title track actually being some sort of ballad, instead of a thundering rock anthem. Anyway, in this shape the boys may continue forever as far as I am concerned. Love this stuff!

Even if I may be biased as I tend to feel they never made a bad record, trust me when I say that if you have ever loved their sound, this is an album to own!