House Of Shakira, Pay To Play, 2014

House Of Shakira - Pay To PlayAnd back to another more recent MelodicRockRecords release. In this case it is the latest album from Swedish melodic rockers House Of Shakira. Their first string of albums still hold a warm place in my heart for being so unique in a rather crowded genre. For many, those albums are the reference for all things since and that can be a burden or a blessing.

Well, I always try to value a CD on it´s own, as if it´s the first or the last thing I hear from the band. And with that in mind, this is a delightful release. Current singer Andreas Novak is of course not a new guy on the block, that surely helps. Also the fact that they still prove able to write catchy tunes, without using all the old clichés, is a forte. I really love the way they add little things here and there that add some sizzle to the songs. That may be due to the fact they are influenced by a wide range of artists, even in different styles of music. They put a list of those in the booklet, to give you some idea of where they are coming from.

Anyway, if you are into melodic rock and appreciate catchy music with a little twist, or if just you want to help keep melodic rock (dot com) alive, head on over to the webshop and buy the thing.