House Of Shakira, Sour Grapes, 2016

HOS-Sour GrapesAlready album number 3 (out of 8 in total) with current singer Andreas Novak (after joining the band in 2012), so I guess it is safe to say the thing are going well for a band with 25 years of experience. In fact, they have never been so prolific!

Their debut album Lint is regarded as a genre classic, so it will always be the one every release is measured against. And after listening to this a couple of times, I must say I think Sour Grapes is up there with the best of their output so far! They sound very inspired, with songs like On The Edge, Waste No time or in fact any song out of the 11 on offer. It is the first time keyboards are used, but I do not believe they are responsible for the quality in this release. I think it is the energy and melodies, in combination with the grooves and the riffs. Or in short, the songs 🙂

So there isn’t a sour grape in sight, this is top notch melodic rock, far from being über smooth, but vital and relevant. In this form they once again prove to be one of Sweden’s most wanted musical export examples. So prove Melodic Rock Records and the band right and go pick it up, it will not disappoint.