Human Race, Dirteater, 2001

human race - dirteaterSometimes you stumble upon an album and, without you being able to specify exactly why, it manages to push all the right buttons with you. In this case one of those records is this one. I have been playing this for days in a row while driving the car, and I just can´t get enough of it. But ask me why and I start thinking.

Is it the groove? Well it grooves all right, but nothing like you never heard before. Is it the vocals? Well, I have heard better lead singers. Is it the riffing? Seems to me they don´t touch riff meister Wylde. Is it the Hammond or other keyboards? Yeah, love the Hammond, and the arrangements are nice, but nothing shockingly new here.

Well, if that isn´t it, what is? And I just can´t tell you. Besides the fact that I absolutely love this baby to death! (that is, not counting the bonus track, a rendition of Rainbow`s Tarot Woman that adds nothing to the original) So there you go, great great album, probably impossible to find nowadays, but so damn fine! You have been warned…