Hybrid Ice, Mind’s Eye, 2009

hybrid ice - minds eyeThe first album of this band I heard a few years back. Little late since it was originally released in 1982 , but it was a reissue (with an awesome extra track).
Not so long ago I read somewhere they posted a video for a track of the current release on YouTube. And what an exceptional track it was, I was hooked…

Described as one of the most famous unsigned bands ever (to me they are one of the best) this release is filled with great to exceptional songs. The quality is in fact unbelievable. Why they have to do it all by themselves is beyond me. Or maybe it is because they want to.

This is melodic rock with a lot of depth. Both musically as well as lyrically. Some songs and arrangements border on progressive rock. But it all has meaning. And what melodies! This is highly addictive stuff with everything in the right place. As they say in the album closer “Faith Without Works is dead” (see the video also). I am so glad they still have the faith to produce another album and I for one hope their work is not ended yet.
So far they have 3 albums under their belt, so I have to find their second album as well. Fingers crossed there are more coming up. Fantastic stuff, GET IT!

Personal play tips: just push play and repeat.