Iain Ashley Hersey, Nomad, 2008

iain ashley hersey - nomadOkay, this one is for all people who wish Ritchie Blackmore would still be releasing hard rocking albums.  And showing up before the camera with a white stratocaster is not going to take away the Blackmore reference I am afraid. Still I am not trying to sell Hersey short here. This is the type of music I grew up on and never get tired of hearing.

So we get a healthy dose of blues infused hard rocking tunes and a Rainbow cover in the form of LA Connection to round it off. With Doogie White (ex-Rainbow) singing. The band consists amongst others of a lot of (known) German artists. Carsten Schulz handles a lot of lead vocals and his style fits the songs. Besides the obvious guitar riffs, we also get a lot of Hammond. Yummie! Other players include Jochen Mayer, Steffen Seeger and Paul Logue.

In all honesty there is nothing world changing going on, but it is a quite enjoyable affair that can be listened to no matter the mood. Makes me a happy guy in seconds!

Personal play tips: just start it up and enjoy the ride.