Ian Anderson, Homo Erraticus, 2014

ian anderson - homo erraticusOnce again the Jethro Tull leader has ditched the band name and released an album under his own name. But if this disc makes anything clear, than it is that Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull are one and the same.  In the booklet Anderson explains the reasons behind this choice like only he can. Lost nothing of his wit, even in his sixth decade…

And for the third time the name Gerald Bostock pops up in relation to an album with Anderson. Some may think it is dangerous to do so, as there is a connection to timeless classic music involved. But not Anderson. The man simply ploughs ahead, doing what he does best and enjoying every minute of it I am sure.

And all that is reflected perfectly in the music. This is vintage Tull / Anderson. Even with Martin Barre not involved, but his legacy is expanded in style by Florian Opahle. As do all of the other musicians involved. Maybe Anderson has lost a little bit of his vocal power, the same does certainly not apply to his flute and guitar playing. Or song writing, which he apparently does in his sleep.
Simply put, all people who liked this music before, can safely buy this as well. Enjoyable from the first to the last second, and happy to report it still rocks. So heartily recommended.