Idlewar, Impulse, 2016

idlewar-impulseAs far as I am aware, this is the second release of Idlewar, and their first full length. Their EP was discussed here a year or so ago, and I liked the power and the groove of the songs. And well happy me, the power and the groove continue on this 10 track. Alas no press info with my promo copy, so I will go out on a limb and say it is again self produced.

The trio have chosen for a slightly lighter sound this time around, and I am tempted to say it helps getting into the album more quickly. But overall it still sounds tailor made for those who like authentic heavy rock, based on Bonham styled power drumming and driven by a full fledged bass and guitar sound. And sometimes they even kick it back a little, just listen to the opening bit of All that I Got. Other songs you should check are the infectious Criminal or Glory, where that Zeppelin feel is really strong. Since most of the songs are around 3 to 4 minutes and pretty varied, the album passes quickly and these is no time to get bored.

Strong and solid if you ask me, so you are invited to dig in!