Incura, Self Titled, 2013

incuraFor me, a band that plays progressive metal of the kind that grabs you on first listen, is doing something right! And Incura are one of these rare finds. Coming out of nowhere, they have delivered an album that is a cross of Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater, Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. And yet, all these names still don´t quite cover the original sound of this band. Which I feel is largely due to the theatrical delivery of singer Karl Gruninger. Some people may find his voice (a high pitched version of Valensia) over the top, but I just love this.

There are a lot of melodies here that attract you to the songs. In that way pop sensibilities are never far away in the choruses. And because of the instrumentation (like guitar solos, breaks ´n stuff) and a lot of unexpected turns, there is no dull moment in sight. All you need to do to get a sense of what Incura is about, is to start playing the disk. Opener Get The Gun will tell you all you need to know!

I say the Canadians have what it takes so their label made a good catch. Another awesome album that ought to be essential for lovers of the genre…