Infront, Inescapable, 2011

infront - inescapableOkay, so you are one of those people that likes to challenge himself (you could be female as well of course)? You fancy running a marathon, even if you have not trained for it? You think King Crimson is mainstream? You love to listen to complex music, go to bed and still wake up with energy pouring?
Well, then this must be right up your alley!

Russian band Infront use deceivingly simple cover art, but their music is far from that. King Crimson is a reference, although I feel that Infront uses a bit more distorted guitars. And this is all instrumental music, with the ‘mental’  part playing a big role.

And hey, I am all for trying to raise the bar, broaden the horizon and expanding existing limits. And these dudes (no band info, so I hope I am correct) are really experts on that front. And the fun thing is, this music becomes inescapable after repeated play! With all that craziness and seemingly direction-less noise, they still manage to trap you to wanting to hear it again.

So definitely not for unadventurous people, but sure worth tracking down! For a limited time you can get their music for ‘name your price’, so better take advantage of that! Just follow the link below.