Inner Odyssey, The Void, 2020

inner odyssey - the voidFrom Canada (I think) come Inner Odyssey, a 5 piece prog rock / metal band with this self released album. And I must say that either the band are so convinced of their possibilities they self released, or all record companies have been sleeping. Because this is a prog album that convinces from the first to the last second.

There are many reasons for this high praise. Solid melodies, very diverse in songwriting and arrangements, impeccable sound and playing are all contributing to the impact it made from the first time I listened to it.
I have no idea if this is their first effort, but what a team, what a mature approach. Where a lot of bands, especially in the prog metal field, try to impress with technical ability, Inner Odyssey use a wide range of influences to give their songs depth and appeal. And the fluency of all these elements blended, keep you on the edge of your seat while listening.

If forced to compare, I think a band like Porcupine Tree would be mentioned. But it does not really matter, they are perfectly capable of standing on their own. Very impressive!