Intuitive, Reset, 2016

intuitive-resetAnd again on route to try to catch up with all the releases coming from Melodic Rock Records. In fact, most of the time the reviews could be kept fairly simple, as label boss Andrew (also host of the, for genre fans, mandatory has a clear view of what he wants to get out into this world. The name says it all really.

But the melodic rock genre is a bit of a tricky one. Some bands just steal about every riff and melody they can get their hands on, while others serve music by the numbers and quite frankly bore their listeners to death.
Luckily that is not the case with Intuitive. These guys show how to record and release an album that is worth the while. Especially the second part of the album just pours vibrant songs like The Reckoning Day, Illusion, Take A Chance, and so on. The melodies are good, the guitar solos shred, it packs the right amount of punch, the whole thing works like a charm.

So with quality like this, it is easy to recommend the album. And while you are at it, check out the back catalogue of MRR as well. Like any independent label, it needs the support of the buyers to stay afloat and bring us more joy and more music. You know you want it to 🙂

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