Inventions, Logica, 2019

Invententions - LogicaThe latest music from Dutch multi-instrumentalist Chris(tiaan) Bruin (Chris, The Black Codex, etc) is being released under the Inventions moniker. This is the 3rd album in the series, and the first I have been able to give a listen. With him on this album are Theo Travis on flute and saxes and the Rotterdam based DOT quartet on strings. Story telling is by Andy Rowe.
Parts of the album were recorded in churches and theatres which suits the album pretty well. Because there is no denying that this ambitious album is leaning heavily on classical music inspired ideas. No wonder it is advertised as having a symphonic, orchestral sound.

As a result this is an album to listen to from start to finish. It is an experience rather than it is a collection of songs. So that repeat button will come in handy as I also feel it needs more plays in order to fully appreciate it. It is a world of its own so to say.
Therefore it will not come as a surprise that the music is carried mostly by the strings and the saxes and flutes. Of course Chris sings here and there and adds his drumming and other stuff, but a lot of musical themes are built on these instruments. And this creates something entirely different which you really have to hear for yourself.

I think it is magical, even when I am not always keen on narrations. But the guy does not seem to know any boundaries in what he can do. Amazing!