Invertigo, Veritas, 2012

InVertigo - VeritasFrom the recent string of Progressive Promotion Records releases, this is for now the last one. And from those releases, it is also the one with the most neo prog flavour. So think Marillion and Pendragon, with a dose of Arena and some Spock´s Beard for good measure. Now, I have got some press info to tell me words like that, but I am quite sure that anyone who starts listening to this will figure that out soon as well. With 7 songs clocking in at 70 minutes, you will not be surprised we get the “mandatory” epic as well. In this case that would be Memoirs Of A Mayfly, running about 22 minutes. And Suspicion, with it´s 13 minutes, is not an ideal single candidate either. 😉

But all fun aside, what matters most of course is the music and the songs. Well so far all releases have proven to be convincing and I like this one as well. Maybe a little more played safe, but nevertheless very solid. Why use the word safe? Well within the genre this ticks all the boxes but never really goes beyond that. Now I find that a lot of genre addicts are very strict about what they like (thus actually stopping the genre from progressing in my humble opinion), so that might be a reason. But please do not let that make you think this is a so so album. It is not. A lot of work went into creating the moods and arrangements of the album, and all players deliver the goods with panache. So if you like the bands mentioned, this is something to pick up.