Jace Pawlak, Perspective, 2015

jace pawlak - perspectiveNow here is a guy whose songs are more known than he is. After all, with artists like Tango Down, Goodbye Thrill and Far Cry on the list (besides releasing music under the names of Kindred Saint and Chasing Magic), this is not a rookie at all. With a first release in 2005, it is about time we get more music too!

Jace, or Jason, Pawlak (vocals, keyboards, bass, drums) comes from a musical pedigree (Kindred Saint and Chasing Magic are bands with brother and father, and they join him here too) and writes music in a broad spectrum of rock. A dash of classic rock, some melodic rock or AOR, a bit of singer – songwriter, etcetera. This album was funded through a successful kickstarter campaign and is his best and most diverse effort yet. Opening with one of the more melodic rock tunes Cry, which has a great chorus and guitar riff. While We’re Here is a touch or two lighter in tone, with acoustic guitar playing a big role. What If We Were Wrong is a lovely ballad, with more emphasis on his piano playing. My personal favourite is Don’t Talk To Me, a song Toto would be proud of. Horns and all!
This album has a bit for everyone on it, and it only affirms that Jace is a prolific writer and performer that deserves a bigger audience. So head on over to his website and start checking this out!