Jace Pawlak, Promise, 2016

jace pawlak - promiseThe previous album by Jace Pawlak had a piece of music for everyone on board. And was considered his best yet. Well, give or take 18 months later that has changed with this new release, Promise. The promise Jace made to himself was to make an album that came as close as possible to the ones from his childhood that he loves so much and made him become a musician himself. And most of those fall in the melodic rock category. Think Journey, Night Ranger, Toto, and such.

So while the style on this album is limited to melodic rock, one thing is for sure, he raises the bar again, and seems to do so with ease. No wonder Kivel Records were quick to pick it up. But back to the music. There are 10 tracks on the album and it opens with the rocking Tonight Is Everything. Hooks and melodies galore, perfect for setting the scene. Before You Run continues the party and Every Now And Then is a text book example of how to write a ballad that impresses with delivery. A thing worth mentioning is that Pawlak really pays attention to his lyrics and is not afraid to delve a little deeper. Also the assistance of his father and brother on guitar is a feast for the ears. Some mean, yet always melodic soloing going on there.

Without naming all the songs on the album, for melodic rock fans the conclusion is simple, you have to hear this one. So much love and dedication went into this album, and it shows! Do yourself a favour and pick it up.