Jaded Past, Believe, 2016

jaded past - believeAnd on to the next Melodic Rock Records release! To be honest, it is also a bit of a surprising one too. Can you imagine a rock album with some Country overtones and a Southern rock flavour? Neither could I, but let me tell you, this thing rocks and works on all levels. Maybe if I reference it with some of White Lion’s Mike Tramp solo output, you will get the idea of what is happening here.

But to me, songs the like of Tattered, Believe and Don’t Judge just work. They rock, are delivered with energy and passion, the melodies and the playing are spot on, the works.
Yes, most of the songs are short, around 3 to 4 minutes. So the 11 tracks still clock within 43 minutes total. But they all count and waste none of your time. In fact, they make it easy to hit repeat. So the principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist George Becker and producer Steve Brown of Trixter fame, have clearly hit the spot with this one.

Final word: get out of your lazy chair, set aside those assumptions and convictions about what quality rock is, and give this album a try. It will not disappoint and I kid you not!