Jean Beauvoir Acoustic Sessions…

Dear friends and fans!

Thank you very much to those who have come on-board and joined my Pledge campaign!!! We hope you’re enjoying the exclusive updates, more great stuff to come!!!

For those who are not aware, I have partnered with Pledge Music, the “direct to fan platform” for the making of a new record… A Crown Of Thorns EP. It’s a fun and exciting ride where folks who Pledge get a backstage pass to exclusives, archived pics, videos, personal updates and more, which will only be available to Pledgers..

I am preparing to do a special set of streamed Acoustic Sessions which I’ll call “THE RECUPERATION SESSIONS”… Coming out of a knee surgery a couple of days ago has me somewhat under the weather, yet presents a perfect opportunity to still use my top half! So I’ve decided to do some acoustic shows from the house, where I’ll perform and stream a variety of songs from the archives…

Pledgers, stay tuned for schedule!!! If you haven’t Pledged as of yet, come on board!!!

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