Jeff Scott Soto, Damage Control, 2012

jeff scott soto - damage controlIn my mind Jeff Scott Soto is one of the best rock voices on the planet. So why he is still not a household name is quite baffling. Such a shame his stint with Journey never lifted. Well, that is not counting the Soul Sirkus release I reckon… Luckily for me that has never stopped him from doing what he does best and that is releasing another killer hard rocking album. And as the Talisman days are sadly gone (RIP Marcel Jacob), I am really happy he still makes ´m in this style!

Opener Give A Little More harkens back to his days with the Swedes. Massive chorus and great hooks on a solid groove. And that reference flows a bit throughout the album. Which for me works just fine. Even the riffs and soloing tread familiar ground. But of course, if anyone is entitled to do that, it is Soto. Fun thing he is pictured with a guitar. Lots of those, but still some keyboards here and there to smoothen the sound. Not that he really needs to, his harmonies are quite capable of delivering that job.

So here you go, another winner and fingers crossed more people will start paying attention! The people from Frontiers deserve that as well as their catalogue becomes more impressive every year.