Jennie Abrahamson, Gemini Gemini, 2014

jennie abrahamson - gemini geminiSomewhere I stumbled on a video of Jennie Abrahamson and it made me very curious to hear this album. It took some time tracking it down, but boy, was that worth the wait! By way of exception I will add that video to this post, because I think it is the surest way to let you get quickly acquainted with this singer. And of course, you should!

As a reference, think of a mix of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. So expect music that is accessible, without being simplistic. Far from that in fact, I think the way the music is arranged is testament of a curious talent that is not afraid to experiment. Which makes it all the more great to listen to the songs.

Opening with Snowstorm I am immediately drawn into her voice and the percussive sounding synthesiser (at least I guess that is where the sound comes from). Goosebumps all over, what a delivery! The War starts with an orchestral intro before evolving in a world typed percussive song, something mister Gabriel would not shy away from. Next is Wolf, which you can listen to below. And if you feel that is something you like, then do yourself a favour and go pick this up. I love this from start to finish but any aspiring artist needs an audience to be able to grow. And man, I wanna hear more…