Jet Circus, Look At Death Now, 2005

jet circus - look at death nowAnother disk that was slumbering on my ” wantlist” for years and finally got into my hands. Thank you Ebay…

And was it worth the while? I must admit I needed several spins to get into this album. And that is not because it is bad. Strange as that may sound, I think it is because of the intended simplicity of the music.
Let me try to explain: Jet Circus make melodic rock, with fairly simple guitar parts, mainly blues influenced soloing and catchy chorusses. And the obligatory backing vocals of course. I hear you think “what is wrong here?”. Maybe it was just my state of mind today, but I found myself not enjoying it at first. The lead vocal seemed to stand apart from the music, and the guitars are heavy, but seemed to┬ásound the same throughout the record.

But after a few spins my mind seemed to gel back to normal mode and it all came together. It was only then I noticed the bass sound, very rough with a little distortion on the edge. Cool! Also the little arrangement things here and there that avoid kicking in every open door revealed them selves. So final verdict, I am glad I got it.

Personal play tips: The Way You Bless Me, Shooting Star, Skull Of The Poet.