Jim Davies, Electronic Guitar, 2009

jim davies - electronic guitarWell, to quote Monty Python, it is time for something completely different. Jim Davies is the former guitar player for The Prodigy and Pitchshifter, and he has decided to enliven our world with this completely instrumental album.

And no matter what you may think listening to this, the CD title is chosen well. Because besides drums and bass synth, all sounds are made on the guitar. And you have to hear this to understand what I am going to say next, that disclaimer is astonishing. If you don´t read the booklet, I am sure you will be deceived to believe there are a lot of samplers and stuff used. But hey, just being a sound wizard doesn´t make you a star. You need songs and melodies for that.

And in that department Davies clearly understood his surroundings. Of course instrumental music takes more time to digest. But I feel the music represented here is not only innovative, but manages to attract on other levels as well. Clever grooves, melodic lines repeated as vocals, and enough variation to add depth. And still some flashy fiddling as well, after all, this is guitar music people. So a little different yes, but tasty nonetheless!