Joe Bonamassa, Dust Bowl, 2011

joe bonamassa - dust bowlThe output of this man is turning out to be quite unbelievable! If not under his own name, than with Beth Hart or Black Country Communion (whose albums will be featured later). And either on CD (one per year, like clockwork) or DVD. The man is a workaholic!

So today I am gonna write about his 2011 release Dust Bowl. And hey, I am not a true blues head by any means, but Joe is someone I feel comfortable listening to. Not only because of several more rocking tracks (like Dust Bowl or Black Lung Heartache (tasty riff!) ) but also because of the feel in his guitar playing in blues tracks like Slow Train or The Meaning Of The Blues. Joe is a competent singer for this type of stuff, yet he treats us with several guests along the line as well. The mighty John Hiatt joins on Tennessee Plates (great fun track) and the voice of rock and fellow BCC man Glenn Hughes lends his vocal cords to Heartbreaker. In typical Hughes manner. And Vince Gill contributes on Rowena.

So we are treated to another versatile album, from a man who won´t slow down, yet keeps his quality control set to high standards. If you ask me, a better missionary to spread the gospel of the blues is hard to imagine. And still cross over appeal. Great stuff, check it out!