Joe Satriani, Professor Satchafunkilus…, 2008

Joe Satriani - Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of RockWhat can I say about Joe Satriani that hasn´t already been said? The man is responsible (along with Steve Vai) for bringing instrumental guitar music under the attention of the public. Sells millions of records and is phenomenal in creating instrumental music where the vocals are not missed at all. And created some of rock´s most beautiful and original songs (like Always With Me, Always With You).

This one was released before his Chickenfoot adventure (which is also a lot of fun ánd has vocals) and again has that certain vibe Satriani is famous for. Opening track Musterion is a prime example, as is Professor Satchafunkilus. With I Just Wanna Rock a little vocal can be heard (a sort of gang styled chorus singing the track title),  Come On Baby is another of those heartfelt slow ballad typed songs with an incredible feel in all the playing. And I could go on about all the tracks.

So maybe you think, are there any experiments? Well no. Joe did that on Engines Of Creation and that was it. He is sticking to his weapons of choice and does what he does best. Writing instrumental rock for the masses that is. If you want more groove and vocals, get Chickenfoot. If you liked Satriani before, you will dig this as well, it is just as good.

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