Jolly, The Audio Guide To Happiness, 2013

jolly - the audio guide to happiness part 2And here we are with the third Jolly release and it is part 2 of the audio guide to happiness! Find my words on part 1 here. Again containing binaural tones, which are supposed to make you feel good and energetic. For that to work you have to listen to the music with a headphone. But let me assure you beforehand, listening to this over your speakers will not hurt you either.

So what about Jolly then? Personally, I think they are a breath of fresh air in the progmetal scene. Mainly because they are not afraid to use a lot of dynamics in their songs. So they go from real loud to whisper soft, can sound like a reggae band in You Against The World, sound almost ambient on Aqualand And The 7 Suns, and still rock your socks off, while keeping things melodic. Incredible indeed! And they tend to take themselves not too seriously, which again for me personally is an added bonus. Don´t get me wrong, I feel they are very serious about the band and the music they release! But it does not hurt either to throw in some humour here or there.

By the way, the binaural effect is indeed real, as documented by Heinrich Dove in 1839 (look up binaural beats on Wikipedia). To find out if this makes you happy, go listen to it. I know it works for me 😉