Jolly, The Audioguide To Happiness, 2011

jolly - the audio guide to happinessWhen I found out that the incredible Jolly (as they like to call themselves) had a new album out, there was no doubt in my mind I had to have it. The first one I really, really liked (read about that here), so this had to be tasted! And to jump to the conclusion: if you like alternative rock, which stretches out into metal and progressive rock, this is one to listen to! Put simple, anyone liking bands like Tool, Muse, Porcupine Tree, all of them, or just one, or whatever band circling these styles, make sure you own this.

There is a warning inside that the disk contains binaural tones. And I don´t know if those are responsible for it, but for me this is a disk that is impossible to resist. I am caught when things kick off, and when the CD is done I wanna hear it again. Such is the energy throughout, that I am in serious addiction risk. The way they play with groove, riffs and dynamics, I am dumbstruck. From soft and gentle to heavy and loud. All with confidence and style. Man, I am jealous of these guys. What a band. On the first album I already hinted at their sense of humour. Plenty of that to be found here as well. Disguised as scientific documentation, or is it?

And the best news? According to the cover this is part one of two. Oh yes, can´t wait!


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