Jon Mullane, Shift, 2010

jon mullane - shiftTo me, Jon Mullane was an unknown name. I got interested because of the involvement of Pete Lesperance (guitar) and Creighton Doane (playing, co-writing and producing) from Harem Scarem.

But in all honesty, the album proved to be somewhat of a mixed bag. Like they don´t know what identity to choose. Or maybe there was an urge to show how multi faceted they are.

Like opener  Make You Move. It has some distorted sounds giving it an alternative rock touch. Final song is the opening track in a different mix, more electronic. Second track Got It Goin´On borders more into melodic rock territory. Next song Sin City combines the rocking guitars with a lot of electronics, giving it an almost dance like alternative feel. This style switching continues throughout.

And don´t get me wrong, all sounds great (the Scarem boys are far to experienced to let things slip), the playing is stellar, the songs have identity, melody and groove. And the about 33 minutes the disk lasts fly by. So while one could advice to focus more to be able to attract a certain audience, I did enjoy the album as a whole. It does not sound patched and gells together well.

So if you can be bothered with crossing borders, dig this up!