Jordana Talsky, Neither Of Either

jordana talsky - neither of eitherAs you may or may not know, my tastes in music are pretty eclectic. Of course a lot of what I listen to falls into one or the other category of rock. But in my opinion it would make no sense to neglect all the other music that is out there. So when I got a taste of some songs by Jordana Talsky, I did not hesitate to ask for a copy.

And simply put, first track Run is all the prove I needed that this is a special artist. Based solely on all the sounds she can make with her vocal cords (singing, humming, percussive, etc), this track blows me away every time I hear it, catchy as syrup, yet impressive because of how it is set up. Pure bliss! And to prove the point even further, next track Around You All The Time is more into friendly jazz territory, not unlike the early work of Sade. Next up is Ways, which somehow reminded me a bit of Alanis Morissette in her delivery, yet with a far more earthly sound and another catchy chorus. Sick is another track with emphasis on all kinds of vocals, albeit this time with added drums. Last track of the first disk (the release is divided over 2 cd’s, side A and B) is Bitter Sweet Heart, a slow song, where her delivery grabs you by the throat. What a performance here.
Side B starts with Spark, a more light hearted song and still Jordana shines with her singing. This side ends with an acapella rendition of the famous Morissette track You Oughta Know, which still radiates a great vibe.

So even when you have never heard of her before, here is an artist with an amazing voice, and the talent to wrap it in fresh songs that enchant. Class!


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