Jorn, Dio, 2010

jorn - dioAfter the sad passing of rock icon Ronnie James Dio, it was sure we could expect many a tribute. To me, one of the most fitting would have to come from Jorn. Regular site visitors will know I really like his vocal style and music, and of course it is widely known Jorn is a real Dio fan as well.

Opening with Song For Ronnie James Dio, Jorn fires a lot of song titles from the Dio songbook at us in the lyrics. And over 8 minutes he shows why he is the perfect guy to pull something like this off with admirable ease. Great track!
All other twelve tracks on the disk have Dio writing credits to them. Happily Jorn chose wisely and avoided the all too obvious route, except for a few. So grab your chance at listening to the Jorn editions of Invisible, Shame On the Night or Push. Or if you are more into the better known tracks: Kill the King, Stand Up And Shout or Don`t Talk to Strangers are also present.

In my humble opinion a Jorn album is always spot on, and this is no exception. One of the best singers in recent decades paying homage to one of the best voices of some 40 plus years. Melodic metal at it´s finest, grab your copy pronto!


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