Jorn, Life On Death Road, 2017

jorn - life on death roadWhen one of the best current hard rock / metal singers puts out a new record, you’d better pay attention… It is no secret that for me Jorn is one of those best, with a voice that can compete with the likes of young David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio. And just have a look at the team he surrounds himself with on this platter: Alex Beyrodt on guitars, Matt Sinner on bass, Alessendro Del Vecchio on keyboards and producing and Francesco Jovino on drums! Some big names there! And that is not even mentioning guest solos from Gus G. and Craig Goldy.

So how does that all translate to the still most important part of a release, the songs? Well despite being a fan I did notice that more recent albums started to sound like a repeat exercise. Even when last years covers album Heavy Rock Radio saw some very good new arrangements to some rather surprising choices.
But I am happy to say that this album kicks the ass of most, if not all, of its sometimes awesome predecessors. Beyrodt tears it up like John Sykes did on Whitesnake’s 1987, the arrangements are more diverse, Jorn is exploring all facets of his voice and the album has a punchy and full sound. Although I do think he has never delivered a bad sounding album. And the songs are killer!

Always a lot of energy pouring, but for me this album somehow sees him coming of age. If such a thing is possible for such a scene veteran. Consider me impressed!