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Jorn, Lonely Are The Brave, 2008

Jorn - Lonely Are The BraveSlowly I am completing my Jorn album collection. He sometimes releases them at such a speed that my wallet can´t keep up. In an earlier post I already mentioned Jorn ranks among my favourite vocalists of all time. His voice is reminiscent of greats like Dio, Coverdale and so on. Still he has been able to create his own identity and is recognisable on impact.

This is another solo album in the now known Jorn style. That is heavy metal, influenced by Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott is featured in the booklet) and so on. With his sidekicks Jorn Viggo Lofsted and Tore Moren on guitars, Sid Ringsby on bass and Willy Bendiksen on drums, this is another damn fine slab of melodic metal at it´s best.

It really is of little use to explore into songs. Suffice to say this is 9 songs you will enjoy. And if you are not familiar with Jorn, creep out of under that stone and familiarize yourself. You know you want to…