Jorn, Spirit Black, 2009

jorn - spirit blackThe mighty Jorn Lande brings us another album under his own name. Jorn has been involved in many bands so far (Masterplan, Millenium, Vagabond, Ark to name a few), but this is already his ninth offering under his own name since his 2000 début Starfire.
In many ways, you can´t go wrong with Lande behind the microphone. His sound is instant, he as many colours (Dio and Coverdale being big influences) and within the melodic metal field there are not many competitors at his level. Russel Allen comes to mind, but that is about it I guess.
Also his band consists of some top ace players, Willy Bendiksen on drums and Tore Moren on guitars being among them.

If you heard Jorn solo before, this is a safe buy. Waste little time and get it, if you don´t already own it that is. For those not yet confident enough, here´s a thought for ya. Like big guitars, melodic choruses, a singer with a stellar set of pipes and songs to match? Dig that heavy sound and riffing, songs with diversity and mood swings, with a top notch production? Melodies to die for and solo´s that count? Hey (wo)man, where have you been, buy this on sight (and any other of his albums as well I might add). Oh and if you can, get the bonus edition. It has a cover of one of Thin Lizzy´s most beautiful songs (The Sun Goes Down) on it.

Personal play tips: Spirit Black, City In Between, Rock And Roll Angel.