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Joss, De Reis Van Dien Laeve, 2014

joss---de-reis-van-dien-laeveSinger Joss Mennen will be known to some readers as the singer of Zinatra and or more recently, Mennen. Both pretty successful in the global rock scene. A while ago he decided to try something new and recorded this album, that translates to The Journey Of Your Life.  All songs are in the dialect of the city of Weert, Limburg, The Netherlands. For non dialect speakers the language will be hard to understand, but as I always like to say, music knows no boundaries.

So what can you expect from this album? Well for starters it is modern, with a strong pop sense. The title track and Ich Bin Wi-j Ich Bin (I Am Who I Am) even have a bit of a dance vibe to it, but it actually suits the songs very well. Mist Inne Kop (Fog In My Head) sees some guitars emerging so the little rocker in him did not die. And this is the case on several other tracks on the album. Joss wrote some pretty personal lyrics and delivers quality performances, as usual. The songs range from intimate and slow, to fast and upbeat and everything in-between.

So if you like quality pop and rock and don´t mind if you do not understand the language, than this is surely something to check out.