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July Reign, Here Comes The Flood, 2016

july reign - here comes the floodMelodic Rock Records keep delivering rock for the aficionados. Here we have a project led by Sheldon Scrivner (guitars, keys and instrumentation) who wrote the songs. Helping him are Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz on vocals and lyrics, Mark Duran on drums and Steffen Seeger provides an organ solo. All together a truly international affair!

Anyone who is familiar with the voice of Schulz, will also have a pretty good idea of what to expect. This is melodic hard rock, that sometimes borders into metal. Scrivner must have read the ‘solos by Yngie’ book, yet manages to keep track of melody instead of shredding all of the time. For me it is a good thing that keyboards are fairly prominent in the arrangements, as I feel they add depth to the album. Most of the songs are rockers with massive choruses, built to shout along to. Which leads to my only point of critique, the songs tend to follow a similar pattern. A bit more adventure would not hurt.

Still, rock solid and entertaining, so easy to see why Lizard was quick to jump on board. If you like songs like Madness And Despair and Time Is Fighting Me, you can buy this on sight.