Junk Farm, Ugly Little Thing, 2007

junk farm - ugly little thingThis self proclaimed “fusion trio from hell” released this debut in 2007. Well I don´t know about the devil, but this is a tasty album for sure.

Built on drums, keys and guitars, but with vocals, this is a very accomplished band with a lot of humor. It takes guts to come up with this band name and CD title, but also the lyrics reflect this. But they don´t use humor to hide the fact that they are incapable, no way. What we have here is a band full of excellent ideas and the skills to rock, groove, shred, whatever.

Some tracks are mainly fusion on a rocky edge, others border more in crossover territory between metal and fusion. But melodies all around! Same goes to organ and solo´s. I suspect 6 stringer (and singer) Benjamin Schippritt grew up on metal and ranks Steve Vai among his influences. Due to the use of organ (Berthold Fehmer) and because of the grooves (courtesy of Michael Sticken) I think they like Niacin as well. But don´t get me wrong, I found this lot having their own sound and I totally enjoy this. And though German, very NOT your typical German Power Metal band. My compliments!

Personal play tips: An Eye For An Eye, Master-Sync, Strange Behaviour.


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