Kamchatka, The Search Goes On, 2014

kamchatka - the search goed onDon’t ask why, but somehow I was under the impression that this would be a progressive rock band. Well, it is not. Instead what we have here is a band that is firmly rooted in seventies blues (hard) rock. And one that is good at that too. Which will not come as a surprise since we are dealing with Swedes and everybody knows they are always good at what they do. Something with water and education or something like that, I don’t know 🙂

To give you a reference, think Rory Gallagher at his rocking best. In this shape I really dig this type of music. It comes with a lot of melody and energy, the guitars rock, and the songs groove. So no dull standard blues schemes in too low tempo’s singing about mannish boys. (there is a time and place for that, but in this house just not very often, sorry, hope I offended no one) This is fun! Sometimes a bit of psychedelia added, and overall this has a timeless feel and a high octane party value. Impossible to sit still during playback, and also enough variety to hit play again after song 10 has come to an end. I say, search no more if you like your rock a bit bluesy, or need your blues to rock!